Acrylic Rendering Darwin


NT, Australia

Acrylic Rendering Darwin


To provide your Darwin property with an added level of functionality and a brand new look, you should consider adding acrylic rendering to your home. This material is not only attractive, but durable, and can allow you to enjoy the benefits of a textured surface for years to come.


At Rendering Darwin, we are experts working with acrylic rendering and have seen an increase in the number of homes choosing this material. With experience working with this material, we have perfected the process and can assure you that you will be left with an exterior wall that looks incredible.


What is Acrylic Rendering?


Acrylic rendering is a variation of traditional cement rendering that incorporates acrylic plastic. This provides you with a durable material that can last longer due to the flexibility of the plastic. This product can be used for coating over bricks, cement, panels and other painted surfaces.


Acrylic rendering can have the pigment of the paint incorporated into the material. This means you will not have to paint the surface after. Similarly, we supply acrylic rendering for Darwin homes in a number of different textures. This material comes in a fine, medium or coarse texture, making it easier for you to pick something that is unique.


acrylic rendering darwin

Advantages of Acrylic rendering

Acrylic rendering is better at withstanding abrasions and movement that other rendering. This attributes to the increasing popularity of this product in particular. As time goes on, houses can move slightly, and even the slightest alteration can cause cracking in plaster. With acrylic rendering, the finish will be able to withstand more movement due to the flexibility of the plastic in the product.


You have a choice in texture and colour with this material. With fine, medium or course finishes, this product has the variety you need.  


At Rendering Darwin, we believe that acrylic rendering is easier to apply than other materials. Therefore, the process is faster, allowing you to enjoy your new look Darwin property within as little as a single day. Choosing to add a rendered finish to your home can help you increase the value of your Darwin property. The process can also help you protect your home from further structural damage that may come with the monsoonal weather of Darwin.

Professional Service in Darwin


In order to give your Darwin property the makeover, it needs, call Rendering Darwin for professional service. We are experts, and with years of experience, we have seen just about every application out there. With a friendly and energetic team, we can provide you with a free consultation and quote, to ensure you get the very best end-product out there. Give us a call today.